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Aerial Services

Events / Festivals

We provide high quality aerial photo and video shoots that will capture all the best moments of your special day. From capturing the atmosphere of your unbelievable venue, to beautiful aerial narratives, the creative possibilities are endless with the addition of expert drone footage.

Real Estate/Home Builders

DroneBuzz has worked with roofing companies, community developers and beyond. DroneBuzz provides essential visual marketing content for realtors and new home builders. This content is ideal for promotional videos and photos.

Our Pricing

Traditional Stabilized Footage


Add mileage of $0.45 per KM of

any projects outside of Edmonton

FPV Footage


Add mileage of $0.45 per KM of

any projects outside of Edmonton

Pre-flight Planning


Only charged if flying in controlled airspace

* Only raw footage is provided

* Video editing referral is available

Construction / Commercial

Our drone operating services have led us to projects with construction and roofing companies. We deal with clients who work as realtors, contractors, inspectors, builders and much more! With our drone technology, we can help clients discover effective and innovative ways to utilize aerial imagery to their advantage and expand the visual presentation of their businesses.

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