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Remote sensing solutions for agriculture.

Sensing & Mapping.

A different view from above. 
With VegMaps. 

What is VegMaps

VegMaps's Mission Statement

VegMaps’ mission is to assist Agronomists and growers by providing technological resolutions to their orchards and farm’s needs. VegMaps offers a unique experience for farmers by utilizing airborne surveying technologies to help them identify the root of any crop health issues and thereupon provides methodical solutions. VegMaps is dedicated to optimizing farms and orchards yields, in efforts to maximize the quality and volume of output for clients throughout the Okanagan Valley.

While many other techniques and technologies, including various farming methodologies does exist, the technology in farming had been taking different shapes and forms, and it has variant impact on the overall production quality overall in different perspective such as higher yielding of crops while maintaining cost of production, emission footprint, and efficiency in total.

What We Offer

Crop Health Detection & Water Management

VegMaps uses drone to capture aerial images from your field. The images are used to create a map that can be used for management, health issue detection and localization and water management.

VegMaps offers the RGB imaging for field management. We offer also NDVI maps with a variable precision customized to your field. We also offer water stress management through thermal imaging while cooperating with the grower to understand the water drainage and work together to achieve the optimum irrigation plan.

Weed Detection With Vegmaps: